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Ultra-premium tequila in Texas is waiting for you. Here at Veneno Tequila, our team is excited about giving you a taste of what traditional, top-shelf tequila is all about.

As a small, locally-owned business, we take immense pride in the quality of the tequila that we produce. All of the tequila that we release is handcrafted and made from the finest agave fruits that were grown in and around the Mexican state of Jalisco. That is where the very best agave in the world is grown, so naturally, we use it with our Houston-based premium tequila brand.

 While we are Houston-based, we sell our tequila all over Texas – with free delivery in Harris County. Visit our “Find Us” page to locate Veneno Tequila near you.

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Veneno 7-Year Extra Añejo Tequila

If you are not already an experienced tequila drinker, then it might surprise you that not all forms of tequila are tailor-made to be shot or mixed with cocktails. In fact, tequila is an excellent beverage that can be enjoyed all on its own.

As a provider of ultra-premium tequila in Texas, Veneno offers Veneno 7-Year Extra Añejo, which has been aged in French oak barrels for seven years or longer. This aging process not only infuses the tequila with oak and chocolate notes, among other flavors, but it also makes it incredibly smooth and easy to sip and enjoy. Our Houston premium tequila brand is synonymous with delicious, smooth tequila that can be enjoyed all on its own.

We’re Also a Blanco Tequila Supplier

As the purest form of tequila, Veneno’s Blanco provides floral and citrus notes and is a prime tequila for mixing in your favorite cocktails. Our team is just as diligent on the production process for our Blanco tequila, ensuring that we never cut corners and put in the hard work needed to create a high-end tequila.

If you are looking for ultra-premium tequila In Texas, then shop with Veneno Tequila right now. You can order our tequila online and have it shipped to your home, or you can visit with one of our local restaurant partners, which have the delicious taste of Veneno Tequila behind their bars!


Veneno has received multiple awards for our Tequila.  Just this year we took Gold in the World Spirits Competition for the design competition and Silver for the spirits competition.

2020 sfwsc design gold
tequila aficionado nominee
2020 sfwsc silver med