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Our Story

As legend has it, the people of ancient Mexico cultivated civilizations around a mythical deity known as Quetzalcoatl the “Plumed Serpent” — the god of wind, air, & learning — offering fortune, health, and wisdom to his believers. Today, the legend is referred to as Veneno, the poisonous venom of his bite so sought after that people are willing to die in return for its luxurious rewards. We’re pretty sure you don’t have to die for it. But you will want to possess it.

Handcrafted Smoothness

Born in the small town of San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, Jalisco, Mexico, Veneno Tequila blends the magical with the mythical. This exceptionally smooth tequila is handcrafted using 100% blue agave grown in “la tierra de tequila” following the time-honored distilling techniques of true craftsmen. Then, it is carefully aged in oak barrels to produce a taste like no other. One sip and you are transformed forever.


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2020 sfwsc silver med

At the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Veneno’s 7 year Extra Añejo took home silver for it’s clean and defined taste. Both the Blanco and Extra Añejo won gold for the packaging design.

nyisc 2020 silver 92
nyisc logo big
nyisc 2020 silver 93

At the New York International Spirits Competition, Veneno’s 7 year Extra Añejo received a score of 93 and a silver award, while Veneno Blanco received a score of 92 and also received a silver award.

Ultra-Premium Tequila in Texas

Experience the finest ultra-premium tequila in Texas by drinking Veneno Tequila. Here at Veneno, we might be a small company, but we have the expertise and dedication on our team to produce some of the finest tequila available.

Our tequila was born in the small town of San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, Jalisco, Mexico, and created out of the best agave hearts available. We handcraft our tequila and our dedication to the traditional production process shows through in the finished product.

We’re a Texas tequila brand that provides only two different products — but we do it better than just about anyone else.

  • Veneno Blanco: Our premium blanco tequila is crystal-clear and features bites of citrus and floral notes. The fresh, clean taste of this 100 percent agave tequila makes it the perfect complement to a variety of cocktails, including the most popular one in all of America: Margaritas. Enhance your margaritas with a few splashes of Veneno Tequila.
  • Veneno 7-Year Extra Añejo: Veneno Tequila is also home to a premium extra añejo tequila, that is carefully crafted by our team from the moment the agave is harvested to storing the tequila in French oak barrels, where it will be left to age for over three years. The end result is a beautiful, smooth ultra-premium tequila in Texas that is satisfying to sip and enjoy on its own.

The very best tequila hinges on, not just ingredients, but also the process and expertise behind it. Veneno Tequila has an eye for luxury top-shelf tequila and we deliver exactly that with our duo or products.

Where to Find Our Texas Tequila Brand

Veneno Tequila is always adding to its distribution network. We reach new and existing customers through online alcohol delivery services and through partnerships with local restaurants and bars that we personally love.

In fact, you can find Veneno Tequila at some of the following locations in and around Houston:

● The Annie Café & Bar
● H Bar At the Post Oak Hotel
● Oakroom
● La Table
● Uptown Sushi

View ALL locations that carry Veneno Tequila.

Aside from those distribution channels, we also sell our world-class tequila directly to our clients through our website. If you visit our online store, you will see how easy it is to browse product details and place your order. Veneno Tequila is great to treat yourself with or gift to a friend or loved one.

We’ll make sure your beautiful bottle of Veneno 7-Year Extra Añejo, featuring haunting imagery of our signature Plumed Serpent, makes it to your doorstep! Start shopping now and experience some of the finest ultra-premium tequila in Texas for yourself. Thank you for drinking Veneno Tequila.