Veneno 7-Year Extra Añejo

To the Sight

Clean & bright amber with a well-defined body.

To the Smell

The entrance is sweet, soft, & pleasant. Then, flashes of maple vanilla. Delicate notes of bitter chocolate-wood & discrete traces of nut combine with an enchanting touch.

To the Taste

Develops with a clean, distinguished, & structured complexity.
Defined by distinct notes of chocolate.

A cinnamon-pepper spice flickers, imposing character & class. The harmony of its marked notes of chocolate-nut-hazelnut will beckon further exploration. Its well-achieved oak notes reveal its softly tempting maturity, spicy personality, & rich, elegant nature. The wake of fine wood leaves a long but sweet end of the mouth.


Ultra-Premium Veneno 7-Year Extra Añejo Tequila

Welcome to Veneno Tequila, where we invite you to partake in the pleasures that come with sipping on our ultra-premium extra añejo tequila.

Following the time-honored tradition of our production process, our small staff here at Veneno Tequila takes immense pride in the quality of our products. We lay claim to the best 100% extra añejo tequila, providing a clean, distinguished, and structured complexity that delivers notes of chocolate.

Home to The Best 100% Extra Añejo Tequila

Extra añejo tequila is a term that was developed just recently and it references the amount of time that the tequila has spent aging in oak barrels. With extra añejo, the tequila must age inside oak barrels for a minimum of three years or more.

The end result of our diligent process is ultra-premium extra añejo tequila that is smooth and easy to sip. Our Veneno 7-Year Extra Añejo is clean, bright and features a well-defined body. It’s a great drink for both seasoned tequila drinkers and newcomers alike. We’re confident you will fall in love with tequila!

A Trusted Premium Añejo Tequila Supplier

Añejo tequila is consistently in high demand considering its quality and easy-to-drink nature. It’s completely changing the perception of what tequila is all about. If you’re one of the many people that is looking to buy premium extra añejo tequila, then we invite you to shop with our team at Veneno Tequila right now.

Veneno Tequila is available for delivery through our website and we’re proud to partner with a number of local restaurants that carry our añejo and blanco tequilas.

By using the best agave grown in the state of Jalisco, Veneno provides the best 100% extra añejo tequila, making for a great gift or to keep stocked in your home so it’s always available. There is always a suitable occasion to sip on the nectar that is our tequila.

We invite you to learn more about the history behind Veneno Tequila and the thought and care that goes into our ultra-premium extra añejo tequila. Shop with us right now and experience what quality tequila tastes like!