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With so many options to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to determine where to buy premium tequila in Houston, TX.

Which is your best bet — an online retailer? The local liquor store? Should you go directly to a bar or restaurant with a reputation for stocking top-shelf tequila? Whatever avenue you choose to shop for premium ultra tequila in Houston, TX, we invite you to explore what Veneno Tequila has to offer.

Veneno Tequila is available at various restaurants and bars around the Houston area, giving you access to high-end, handcrafted excellence in tequila.

Please use the address or zip code search box and available filters below to find a restaurant or store to enjoy Veneno Tequila at these local establishments.

      Where to find Veneno Sipping Tequila in Houston, TX

      A long list of tequila drinkers have taken to Veneno Tequila. In fact, some might consider it the best sipping tequila of 2020! However, you have to know where to find this sweet elixir before you can try it.

      Veneno Tequila is constantly adding to our network of distribution partners, whether that might be local restaurants and bars to online alcohol delivery services. Some of the fine restaurants that carry Veneno include:

      • Toulouse
      • Le Colonial
      • MAD
      • Bisou
      • Mastros
      • And more!

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      If you’d like to sell Veneno in your establishment or have a question, please reach out below.